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Metropolitan Council on Housing Urges to Contact Your Senators

Will the Senate Take Up Tenant Demands?

When the Republicans orchestrated a coup on the State Senate on June 8, many political insiders considered the movement to reform New York’s rent laws dead for this year. However, Met Council and other housing groups from across the city began sending dozens of tenants to Albany on a daily basis. We packed the hallways around the Senate chambers and held lively protests. We all wore red “Real Rent Reform” tee-shirts, we all held huge signs, and our loud chants filled the halls of the Capitol building. Tenant groups were the only ones to be in Albany every single day after the coup. The Senators, and the media, took notice. This outpouring of energetic support moved our issues back to the forefront of the political debate, and it kept our issue alive.

What Can Tenants Do:

Every day, call and write to Governor Patterson, your State Senator, and the leader of the Senate Democrats, John Sampson, and urge them to support tenants in the extraordinary sessions by making sure that they include the housing bills on any legislative agenda that they negotiate.
John Sampson can be reached at (518) 455-2788 or sampson@senate.state.ny.us. You can find your State Senator’s contact information at: http://www.nysenate.gov/senators.

You can reach Governor Patterson’s office at 518-474-8390.

The Governor’s most influential aides can be reached at Larry.Schwartz@chamber.state.ny.us

Please consider volunteering at Met Council! The Met Council staff is working ’round-the-clock to ensure a tenant victory in Albany, and we need extra support answering tenant questions on our hotline and performing a variety of administrative tasks. If you can handle a walk up two flights of stairs to our office and have time to get involved, contact Rachel at 212-979-6238 extension 207 or rachel@metcouncil.net to find out how you can get involved.

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