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Over 4000 Signatures: Demanding Live/Work Protection

There have been numerous petitions out there in support of the Multiple Dwelling Amendment.

Just look at this one PetitionOnline.com

4200 signed this petition – and this was only in support of 200 live work spaces there were threatened (and subsequently  lost).

We hope Senators Daniel  Squadron, Malcolm Smith and  John Sampson understand how important this bill is and how intense the outcry will be if this bill will not come to a vote and evictions are following.

  1. Madelyn Fenwick
    August 4, 2009 at 8:43 pm

    The Loft Law Amendment Bill desperately needs more public awareness.

    I stumbled upon this recent article on NYC Independent Media Center that best sums up the current status of the bill and its vast importance.


    Literally thousands of live/work NYC residents depend upon the protection of this bill!

    Senators respond to their constituents cries only when they are in large numbers.
    Call these Senators to get the bill on the senate agenda AND passed!!

    Daniel Squadron
    Tel. Tel: 518-455-2625

    John L. Sampson
    Tel: 518 455-2788

    Malcolm A Smith
    Tel: 518 455-2701

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