The Multiple Dwelling Law (Senate No. S5881) (Assembly No. A05667) – also known as the Loft Law Amendment (expansion / extension) is easily misunderstood as a bill that would be exclusively supportive of artists. The purpose, however, is to augment neighborhoods that have been abandoned by big industry. Rather than leaving this commercial real estate to decay and the neighboring communities to be drawn into the black hole of crime and hopelessness, the re-purposing and  rejuvenation of post-industrial areas has turned out to be by far the best and most efficient way to create communities and to develop small sustainable businesses. This has been shown beyond any doubt and with dramatic success in areas such as Tribeca that went from a urban left-over to most expensive real estate (sharing that distinction with Bel-Air) in the US within just 20 years.

For years the  Live/Work Coalition has fought for a law to protect this unique NY phenomenon, the live/work loft. More that 10,000 people in Brooklyn alone have created their own jobs, workshops and homes with their passion and ingenuity and as a result have created  desirable, culturally and economically viable neighborhoods.
In June 2009 the NYS Assembly passed (Assembly No. A05667) a “Multiple Dwelling Law”– also known as the Loft Law Amendment /Expansion /Extension

* The same bill has been picked up now by Senator Daniel Squadron and it has been introduced to the Senate as S5881. This is a historic chance to maintain and preserve neighborhoods and jobs and last not least help insure  NYC top position as the leading city for the arts.

This bill is nothing less than a stimulus legislation without cost to the taxpayer, which nonetheless creates and preserves jobs especially in industrial neighborhoods that have been abandoned by corporate America.

And this is worth working  for.  There rarely has been a win / win bill like this one. Here developer interests coincide with those of artists, designers and  social-  as well as business entrepreneurs.

If you can agree with our analysis and approach, please join us by sending an email to brooklyn@newyorklivework.org – (even if you are living in any other borough)

NY Live Work Coalition

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